Few companies invent the categories they compete in. Of those that do, many become diluted by imitators – and ultimately slip from their leadership position. Not TREX®, the company that invented composite decking and has gone on to pioneer railings, lighting, framing, fencing, pergolas and other “firsts” of outdoor living. A client we’ve now wrapped in a new Brand promise themed, “The Art of Next,” after being selected through a national competitive agency search. The Company that was first, becoming the Brand that stands for Next – all with the guidance of a new inner voice to show the way forward.

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Fluency Statement

Trex Brand Fluency

Going first. It only ever goes so far. Carrying you forward until others catch up. And it’s in these moments that Firsts are called on to become Next. To go ahead, again. Out in front. Outside the boundaries that First broke, in the first place.

And in outdoor living ‒ and in every imaginable way ‒ those spaces come to life ‒ the Art of Next is built with Trex. The next way products are engineered ‒ and people experience them. The next way builders build their business, never just a deck. The next way value is calculated, inspiring confidence in your decision, not compromise on price. The next way neighbors step beyond the walls of your home. Seeing with their eyes, touching with their hands and feet ‒ and speaking volumes, simply through the look on their faces.

First has been splintered into a thousand pieces. And the Art of Next is born. Beyond people’s homes. In front of our industry. And below the one Company that’s always lived up to all the ways you want to live outdoors. Decking and railing; framing and lighting; furniture and fencing. From these and the untold nexts still to come. All artfully brought together to recolor the Company that was First, into the Brand that’s Next.

Engineering What’s Next in Outdoor Living.