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It’s rare that the agency for a bank acquired by a global financial leader gets to stick around. It’s unheard of when that agency goes on to handle strategic communications for the acquiring brand across four lines of business around the world. But that’s just what we’ve been privileged to do with RBC. For the RBC Brand, Golf, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Global Asset Management and Investor and Treasury Services, we’ve helped craft and tell the story of this Toronto-based partner for 10+ years, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable: #1 Brand in Canada, top 10 in North America and Bloomberg top 15 globally. 2014’s results echo these successes: Best Trade Finance Bank, Best Global Retail Bank of the Year and an Economist Readers’ Choice Award – Most Trusted Investment Bank Globally – to name a few.

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When direction no longer comes easily. When trust becomes broken. When institutions, once relied upon, betray those they were created to serve…what is the outcome? What new possibilities are presented? And importantly, what invitation is created to step up…and for whom?

At RBC, we are rebuilding our business around the now-permanently shifted criteria for earning and maintaining trust. Converting our powerful 140-plus-year attributes into decided advantages for our clients and prospects, around the world. And while we are doing this critical work through systems, strategic investments, capital allocation, acquisitions, enterprise resources and all the normal buzzwords of corporate table-setting, most of all, RBC will achieve this engagement model of the future through our people. 70,000 RBC individuals, mutually equipped and inspired to re-earn – in new ways – the right to always be our clients’ first choice. Shields in hand. Minds on the future.

Not restoring direction. But creating a new sense of it. A new pull toward a better model for partnering with others to move from ambition to accomplishment to achievement. Never static. Always moving. In action. Yes, with prudence but also with a new sense of possibility for our future. Achieving for each client a new and personal True North.

In this work, each of us…all of us…taking the stage. Advancing one step forward, individually and toward one another. Forward and In. A systematic and instantaneous march to embrace our likenesses, more than our differences. And finding, among us, a common inner voice. One more audible, powerful and purposeful than ever before. Leading us to, in turn, lead the replenishment of the void left between financial companies and a world that so desperately needs the right ones to advance our collective progress, again. And again. And again.

RBC. Where the greatest headwinds ever faced by our industry created a tailwind for us. A sense of momentum started, in many ways, outside ourselves but that we now must perpetuate and accelerate from within. The time is now. The moment will not wait. Nor will we.

Banking. Capital Markets. Asset & Investor Services. Wealth Management.
It’s all in our approach.







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