The leading brand of disposable tableware sought to reverse a six-year decline in its flagship product, while also optimizing its overall portfolio for growth. As a result, we were brought in to “reset the table” and get everything speaking for growth. Grounded in an innovative study on the role of social media in getting people together (“The Social Experiment”), the “Lost Art of Getting Together” and “#besocial” campaigns, the Chinet® brand was fully re-born as a champion of genuine, face-to-face connections. The impact of the effort has been staggering – from the pages of The New York Times to endless tweets and posts from consumers, to the business bottom line, which has seen record positive sales and margins for all products bearing the Chinet name.

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Fluency Statement

Chinet Brand Fluency

In a world in which technology has us more connected than ever, why is it that our real human-to-human connections are fewer and further between than ever before? In a life where a premium is put on time, why do we spend less and less of it building relationships that can last a lifetime? What ever happened to what matters most – time spent together?

At Chinet, we believe it’s time we get that time back. Which is why we’ve redesigned and expanded our line of disposable tableware, inspired by the idea that “we should really get together more often.” Not just by formal invitation; but by open invitation and a new sense of permission to have those get-togethers, far more often. Where authentic connections can be forged, interest in one another’s lives can be taken, stories can be told and then shared with others. All while weaving back together an important piece of our cultural tapestry – people enjoying the company of other people.

Now made easier than ever by a Brand that has breathed a new sense of style, trend and contemporary flair into products already well known for the highest levels of quality, strength and dependability. And a line expanded to be used at home or on-the-go; equally at ease on the dining room table, the front porch, the back deck, or walked down the street to the neighbors’. All the heritage and trust of the Chinet brand, with new relevance for today and purpose for the future.

Making Chinet the one brand of disposable tableware designed to serve not only your needs – but your craving to connect with others.

You’re Invited.


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