American Born Moonshine

With the backing of the former president of Brown-Forman on the Board, the founders of Windy Hill Spirits tapped us to help launch the first moonshine brand created purely to “honor the life of the original moonshiners.” After comprehensive positioning and campaign development, we had the idea to stage the Brand launch as a true “run” of shine from the mountains to the first launch markets. Little did we know that the “Nashville Run” would result in a raid of the client’s offices by federal agents, who had been completely lured into the story by the authentic grassroots buzz of our work. Once the weapons were put away, American Born Moonshine has gone on to become the fastest-growing U.S. spirits launch in recent years, exceeding sales goals in the launch market with 100% market distribution and strong consumer sell-through rate, catapulting American Born Moonshine onto the national spirits stage.

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Fluency Statement

American Born Moonshine Brand Fluency

You could run a car on it. You could run a family on it. But the one thing you would never do – once it got in your blood – is run away from it. Life as a Moonshiner.

Making. Bootlegging. Drinking. Every jar, raised to a mindset that couldn’t be bottled, any other way. Slid into the backs of souped up cars and carried on the backs of the men who drove them. Dirt slingin’ from a mountain road. Tire tracks screamin’, Don’t tread on me. A code of livin’ thrown in the face of anyone who dared to stop it. And a spirit that, in spirits today, hasn’t been seen since. Because the light that showed the way for this blend of rebel burns brightest at night. The blaze of time-honored traditions and the relentless defense of them, roaring on. Fanning the flames of independence that have defined the Appalachian region. Our nation. And a new brand, born to carry the banner of both.

American Born Moonshine. Honoring the undefeatable spirit of a people tried on hardship but long on kinship. Bound together by the fight for what they believe in most. Never against – always for. Pro over Prohibition. Bravery over Fear. And with three flavors that give proof to the original mountain recipe, Authenticity over Fakery.

The smooth side of a rough history. Every jar passed around, a way to hold on to what matters. To drink from the same spirit that can still run a still. So no matter how many rounds you’ve gone in life, you always climb back on your feet. A brand run under the moonlight. But standing in the shadow of no one. Proud of what it is. But proudest of who they were. And still are.

100% Appalachian-Made
Original. Apple Pie. And Dixie.
American born. Rebel raised.
American Born Moonshine.
From still to shining still.

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